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We have only three weanling heifers this spring. Most of our calves are born in the spring and wean in November. The few that are born later in the year are weaned in the spring the following season. Clicking on the thumbnail image of each heifer will open a pop-up window with a higher resolution image and a photo of her dam. The sire of all three is DWD Augustus.

We price our calves by weight according to the Agricultural Marketing Service Feeder Heifer M&L 1-2 current posted rate.

Texas Longhorn Cattle


Left: DWD 14/17
June 10, 2017

Right: DWD 15/17
June 9, 2017

Texas Longhorn Cattle

Texas Longhorn Cattle


Left: DWD 16/17
June 21, 2017

Texas Longhorn Cattle